Updating my web design stack

For data intensive and service related projects I always prefer to use the simplicity of Tornado. Recently I had occasion to consider a more classic CMS type of application. I looked at Django a number of years ago and was largely unimpressed, probably because the need at the time was not for a CMS platform and the design of the admin interface seemed a bit late 90’s.

My opinion has changed however with the Wagtail project from Torchbox. Very nice design and some of the key Django apps, like South, bundled in.

Also, I have been impressed with the Bower project - which provides a package manager for front end components on Node.

Anyway, to get these fancy Javascript tools working in a Python virtualenv do the following from within a virtualenv:

pip install nodeenv
nodeenv --python-virtualenv  # activate nodeenv in the current virtualenv
npm install -g bower